2017: It’s All About the Novel

New writing

As we’re now a week into the new year, it seems like a good time to tell you of my plans for 2017. There are going to be some changes around here!

I’ve been writing my Book Diaries blog for two years now and am about to embark on my third. This, however, will be the last. It’s been a rollercoaster ride: the book of Year 1 is due to be published very shortly (Kindle elves permitting), and I still intend to produce books of Years 2 and 3 in due course.

The purpose of the blog has been to get me to make changes in my life, taking inspiration from each title I read. These changes have been hugely varied, from the practical to the abstract, but the one thing I’ve always maintained is that the more frequently you make the small changes, the easier it becomes to make the big changes.

The time has now come for me to make a big change.

For years now I’ve been planning and plotting a novel. I’ve mentioned it occasionally in the Book Diaries, and I have a teaser page on my website that gives a sneak preview of the plot (note: this may change!). Since my big holiday in September (which gifted me a month away from the daily grind) and, more recently, the Christmas break (when I had time to stop and reflect), it’s become inescapably clear to me that this is the work I need to focus on.

The Book Diaries have been incredibly illuminating, and I will continue to read new books on a regular basis even when I stop writing the blog – but I’ve realised that what it has all been leading to is this: the novel; the work that is deep inside me begging to be let out. And I need to honour it and give it the attention it deserves. It may even be that the novel is merely the starting point: I really have no idea exactly where this will lead, but it’s thrilling to have a blank map waiting to be filled in…

This means that I will be changing the focus of what I post on (a) my website and (b) social media. Specifically, you can expect the following:

  • I’ll be publishing more blog posts/status updates on my writing process and progress.
  • I’ll also be writing posts/updates on elements of my subject matter: what I’m tentatively calling ‘supernatural medical fiction’.
  • The Book Diaries will continue throughout 2017, but instead of being inspired in a random fashion, I’ll be looking for inspiration that I can take to my writing.
  • I’ll be reinstating my monthly newsletter, which will contain general news, updates on the novel, and exclusive insights into where my ideas come from.
  • I may even try out other pieces of writing, e.g. short stories, to polish my technique and get some of my non-novel-related ideas on to the page.

In short, expect the unexpected. I may not post frequently, as my time will primarily be spent on writing the actual novel, but I anticipate being too excited about it to keep all my thoughts to myself!

The first of my new monthly newsletters will be out at the beginning of February, so if you’d like to keep up to date with my progress, sign up here.

If this new direction doesn’t sound like your kind of thing, then you can of course unsubscribe/unfollow me, and there will be absolutely no hard feelings. Thank you for your support so far.

If, however, you’re intrigued by what ‘supernatural medical fiction’ might mean, and want to find out more, then hang on to your hats and enjoy the ride…