About Gwyneth

Gwyneth MarshmanGwyneth Marshman is a former librarian who now works as a writer, editor and researcher.

She recently published The Book Diaries Volume 1, based on her blog of the same name, which chronicles how she makes practical changes to her life, inspired by each book she reads. This challenge has been such a success that she has now taken the plunge and begun to write her first novel: a supernatural thriller. Further books and resources on taking inspiration from stories are in the pipeline.

Gwyneth studied English and French at the University of Oxford (being awarded a Scholarship at the end of her first year), and subsequently Librarianship at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. During her career she has worked in higher education, the NHS, local government, the voluntary sector and the private sector; in addition to her library work, she has taken on roles such as web editor and editorial assistant. Her current ‘day job’ is providing freelance editorial support to medical communications agencies.

In addition to the Book Diaries, Gwyneth co-hosts a community radio book show, Calon Talks Books; edits a spin-off e-zine from this show, Bookylicious; and manages the website for her local literary festival, the Wrexham Carnival of Words. New projects she has planned include a non-fiction book club and a second radio show about fantasy and horror.

One latent talent she is trying to rekindle is that of performance. Gwyneth was a member of an amateur dramatics society for 18 years, and co-wrote an adaptation of Pride and Prejudice for the group. She now appears regularly in murder mystery evenings at her local library, occasionally performs at an open mic poetry night and is hoping to appear very soon in some dramatic productions by local playwrights.

Gwyneth lives in North Wales with her husband and cat.

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