Be Like Luke Cage

Helping hand

SPOILER ALERT: this blog post discusses episode 2 (season 1) of Luke Cage.
Do not read on if you wish to avoid spoilers about this episode!

We’ve just started watching the new Netflix series Luke Cage: the latest in the quartet of Marvel superheroes making their way to the small screen, following on the heels of Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Luke Cage has superpowers as a result of biological experimentation gone wrong; most notably, he is bulletproof: a gun can be fired even into his head and he will survive.

In episode 2 (season 1), a shoot-out takes place at the barber’s shop where Luke works. A flunkie of the main bad guy takes it upon himself (never a good idea) to open fire through the windows, which clearly doesn’t bode well for the people inside. This, however, is a situation for which Luke is ideally equipped. He takes advantage of his bullet-proofing to shield a young boy from the gunfire: the bullets merely bounce off him and the boy is unharmed.

That’s all very well for Luke Cage!‘ I hear you cry. ‘He has superpowers! I wouldn’t be able to protect someone in an assault like this!

You are quite right, and I am absolutely not suggesting you try!

However, you do have talents and qualities that are, if not unique to you, then at least not possessed by everyone.

  • Maybe you’re a whizz at baking cakes?
  • Maybe you’re an expert in web design?
  • Maybe you’ve got a knack for saying the right thing?

You don’t have to be bulletproof to help those in need; just think where you could apply your special gifts and go from there.

What about a homeless shelter?

  • The cake maker could bake goodies for the soup kitchen.
  • The web design guru could look after their web presence.
  • The diplomat could chat to people about their needs.

Any of the above activities would be a small but vital contribution to saving those less fortunate than ourselves. It’s not just bullets that are a threat to life, but cold, hunger and loneliness too. If you have the means to protect someone from any of those things, then it is absolutely within your power to do so.

Be like Luke Cage: protect the needy.