Pasha Puss

One of my favourite jobs is supervising my cat Pasha as she writes her own blog. Aimed at other felines committed to her cause, it is sporadic but always beautifully articulated. She’s even clever enough to write in English rather than Lolcat.

Of course she writes it herself. What do you mean, it’s just me pretending??

Here she describes, in her own inimitable style, her mission in life…

I dream of a better world. One where humans know their rightful place, tuna is freely available, and dogs are seen but not heard. Like you, I seek world domination; however, I realise we must exercise patience; so be it.

But to restore your spirit, I offer you my story: my trials, tribulations and triumphs in the land of domesticity. I hope it will give you sustenance, courage and fire in the dark days of your subservience. Rest assured, my friends; it will not be long before success is ours and we take over the world!

If your cat has rebellious leanings, they may wish to check out Pasha’s latest posts at Moggyblogs.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.