Non-fiction proofreading and copy editing

Proofreading and copy editing

I offer both proofreading and copy editing services for writers of non-fiction.

Please browse the following questions to find out how I can help you.

What’s the difference between proofreading and copy editing?

Proofreading is a final check of the text, usually after it has gone through several edits and is at its final stage, i.e. before submission or publication. It involves checking for and correcting basic typographical and formatting errors that may have slipped through the earlier stages.

If your work is being published by another party (e.g. a publisher), proofreading will involve checking the pre-publication proofs against the submitted manuscript to ensure no errors have been introduced.

Copy editing is carried out earlier in the process and looks at the text in more detail. In addition to checking and correcting spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation, it also checks for style inconsistencies and factual errors. A copy editor will make suggestions for tightening up/polishing the text and flag any concerns regarding the content.

What are your qualifications and experience?

I have 8+ years’ experience of both proofreading and copyediting, primarily in the medical communications industry, where I have worked both in-house and as a freelancer. I have supplemented this hands-on experience with a specialist copy editing course at the Publishing Training Centre.

My academic background is in the humanities: I have a BA (Hons) degree in English and Modern Languages from the University of Oxford (being awarded a Scholarship at the end of my first year) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Librarianship from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. My career has encompassed not only medical editing but also experience as a librarian and web editor for a range of organisations in higher education, local government, the NHS and the voluntary sector.

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What do you charge?

My current rates are as follows:

  • Proofreading: £15 per 1000 words.
  • Copy editing: £20 per 1000 words.

If you’re not sure what you need, please get in touch for a free, no-obligation discussion.