Quotes research and image sourcing

Quotes research and image sourcing

I offer both quotes research and image sourcing for writers and storytellers.

As a writer it’s important to market yourself, which these days often means writing blog posts and sharing on social media. Of course, you’re perfectly equipped to create the content of these posts – but have you thought about enhancing your writing with some well-chosen images? Perhaps you’d also like to cement your reputation by quoting sources other than yourself: a well-placed one-liner from a notable author can add weight to your own words.

Sourcing this material can take time, however, and this is where I can help you. I can search for both quotes and images, either separately or as a package, for use in a social media campaign or series of blog posts.

Please browse the following questions to find out how I can help you.

What do you charge?

  • Package of 10 quotes: £20
  • Package of 10 images: £20
  • Package of 10 quotes and 10 images (independent of each other): £37.50
  • Package of 10 quotes and 10 images (as matching pairs): £45

Larger quantities of all items can be quoted upon request, but I’m unable to carry out one-off searches for individual items.

The items don’t have to be specified or delivered all at once. If you’re planning to write 10 blog posts over the course of a year, and don’t know yet what you’ll need, simply pay upfront and let me know when you need each item (please allow a week for the search and delivery). We’ll agree on an expected timeframe for your requests, and if I don’t hear from you I’ll send you a reminder!

What do you need from me?

For each request I will need as many of the following details as possible, plus anything else you feel is relevant. This is to ensure that you’re happy with the items I retrieve for you.

For quotes:

  • Subject matter (e.g. creativity)
  • Type of author (e.g. literary)
  • Approximate length (e.g. max. 150 characters)
  • Age of quotation (e.g. pre-19th century)
  • Style/tone (e.g. irreverent)
  • Anything you particularly want me to avoid (e.g. swearing)

For images:

  • Subject matter (e.g. meetings)
  • Size of image (e.g. 1280 x 914 pixels)
  • Type of image (e.g. photograph)
  • Orientation (e.g. horizontal)
  • Any desired colour/tone preference (e.g. bright)
  • Anything you particularly want me to avoid (e.g. faces)

If I need further information or clarification as I’m carrying out the search – for example, to check whether I’m on the right track – I will let you know.


In requesting a search from me, you take full responsibility for ensuring that any quotes retrieved are used in a lawful fashion, i.e. giving appropriate credit to the source and complying with relevant copyright laws. This article (UK based) gives some helpful information on this thorny subject.

If you would like me to restrict my search to quotes that are in the public domain, please specify this at the outset.

All images I retrieve are from free sources that do not require attribution and permit commercial as well as personal usage.

Interested? Contact me to discuss your requirements.