Calon Talks Books


Calon Talks Books is a radio show that broadcasts on award-winning community radio station Calon FM.

Presented by ex-librarian Paul Jeorrett, with myself and Rob Taylor as the ‘Posse’, the show is dedicated to all things bookish. We discuss and review books we’ve read recently, look forward to books we’ve got lined up waiting to be read, cover local book-related events, sometimes have heated debates and frequently go off at tangents. We also welcome authors as special guests to talk about their work.

Tune in to Calon Talks Books every other Wednesday at 18:00 GMT on the Calon FM livestream! You can also listen to past shows on my SoundCloud page.

The e-zine Bookylicious was created as a spin-off from the show, and this in turn led to the formation of a book group, Bank Street Book Group. Together, these projects all enable us to discuss books in a variety of settings, and we are sure more will emerge in future!

A foray into the supernatural

For a few months I co-hosted another show on Calon FM: Into the Darkness. Alongside my friend and local horror author, Marie Cope, I ventured out from behind the sofa, and entered the murky and mysterious world of vampires, werewolves, ghosts, witches, zombies, serial killers and monsters of many other stripes. We plumbed the spookiest depths of film, TV and literature, and stretched our imagination to breaking point, facing our darkest fears head on.

Due to time pressures I unfortunately had to quit this show, which Marie now runs solo. However, you can listen to my past shows, again, on my SoundCloud page.