The Book Diaries Volume 1: A Trip Through Time is now available!The Book Diaries Volume 1: A Trip Through Time

Based on my blog of the same name, this book follows my quest to change my life simply by reading books.

The challenge:

  • Read one book a fortnight.
  • Figure out how it changed me as a person.
  • Commit to doing something differently in my life.

Alongside the original blog posts from Year 1 are exclusive updates in which you find out:

  • Whether I made the changes I said I would!
  • If not, why not?
  • What I discovered along the way.

Featuring gorgeous illustrations by artist Eli Trier, this book is a unique chronicle of how my life changed significantly over the course of 12 months – all through the simple act of reading books.

I hope it can inspire you too.

Pick up your copy now! Paperback and Kindle editions available at Amazon.

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