The Walking Dead vs William Shakespeare

Good writing is good writing, whatever the century. And, as we approach the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, it’s interesting to wonder what Will would be working on if he were alive today.

As he had an eye for what was popular, I can’t help but think he’d be working in TV; in particular, I can picture him writing one of my favourite shows: The Walking Dead. Heroes and villains, battles and introspection, blood and guts a-plenty – it’s surely right up his street.

And so, to commemorate not only Will’s forthcoming anniversary but also the recent season 6 finale of The Walking Dead, I present eight scenes that could have leaped straight from Shakespeare’s quill…

[SPOILER WARNING: If you have not yet caught up with season 6 of The Walking Dead, you may see some images below of scenes you have not yet witnessed!]

#1 – Rick vs Henry V

Rick vs Henry V

#2 – Michonne vs Macbeth

Michonne vs Macbeth

#3 – Morgan vs Richard III

Morgan vs Richard III

#4 – Glenn vs Hamlet

Glenn vs Hamlet

#5 – The Governor’s Daughter vs Shylock

Governor's Daughter vs Shylock

#6 – Random Heads vs Titus Andronicus

Random Heads vs Titus Andronicus

#7 – Carl vs Goneril

Carl vs Goneril

#8 – Maggie and Carol vs Romeo and Juliet

Maggie and Carol vs Romeo and Juliet