What Would a Ghost Doctor Read?

Ghost book

This week I’ve been happily plotting my novel, particularly the story arcs of my main characters.

My protagonist is a ghost, who works as a doctor in the supernatural realm known as the Otherworld. In addition to treating patients she’s also running a couple of clinical trials – and her research becomes a key factor in the unravelling of the mystery!

I therefore decided to have a bit of fun by imagining what her bookcase might look like…

This is what I came up with.

(If you don’t want to crick your neck reading the titles, see below for the list in full.)

Supernatural medical bookcase

My ghost hasn’t arranged her books in any particular order, but I’ve alphabetised them for you (once a librarian, always a librarian):

  • Annals of Vampire Psychology
  • Archives of Clinical Zombie Pathology
  • Demon Case Reports
  • Demonic Pain Review
  • Ethics in Supernatural Medicine
  • Experimental Ghost Trials
  • Fae Management Review
  • Interdisciplinary Fae Studies
  • Journal of Lycanthrope Care
  • Journal of Revenant Studies
  • Journal of the Undead and Supernatural Medical Association
  • Lycanthropy and Humanity
  • Otherworld Medical Journal
  • Supernatural Infectious Diseases
  • Transitioning: the Journal of the Ghost Support Society
  • Undead Holistic Practitioner
  • Undead Toxicology
  • Vampire Dental Care
  • Vampire Haematology
  • Werewolf Anatomy
  • Zombie Administration
  • Zombie Brain Studies

My next little foray into world building may well involve going into more detail about the contents of some of these journals. Watch this space!